Driven by the vision of delivering outstanding premium services to both foreign and local clientele, Openasia Hospitality develops and actually manages properties built on distinctive wellness and entertainment concept that promise visitors impressive experience.

The most prominent property, Press-Club, is becoming "must-go" culinary and entertainment destination in Hanoi by its exclusive French Michelin-Star menu and spectacular cocktail lounge.

On the wellness side, Alba Hotel Group offers unprecedented mineral water spa hotel in Huê city as well as a 50-hectare resort inspiring Japanese hot spring style. The resort also accommodates balneotherapy based on a natural treasure coiling among Truong Son mountains – the Thanh Tan hot spring, the thermal source from with our famous Alba mineral water is bottled before being delivered to prime hotels, restaurants all along Vietnam.

According to scientific evidence, Alba mineral water is rich in silica and other nutrition that are good for health and can be compared with some famous thermal mineral water imported from Europe.